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“Thank you for calling 18-42-47. We’re afraid they’ve been sent to the Abax Morgue and are scheduled for their autopsy at approximately [ current time ]. Please leave a brief message to be played at their memorial service or try your call again later.

[ beep! your message can be ten minutes long maximum. ]


Jan. 11th, 2012 09:10 am
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Anyone know if this mistletoe cancels out shitty powers?

If it does, I'm going to keep it around. I hate not being able to touch people.

[ Later, Alisha will be around the City. She can't stay cooped up in her flat all day, avoiding people. She's got shit to do.

Like figuring out what she has to do.

So, pick a place and there she is.

( ooc | Alisha's power will be cancelled out for the day for kissing shenannigans. )
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I'm pretty sure Hannibal Lector wants his cannabalism back.

[ She's so not impressed. She wouldn't even think of Nathan to do this bullshit! And he's Nathan! ]

Or whatever. This is disgusting. Halloween is about scaring the shit out of people and wearing really stupid costumes. Not renacting this shit.

Just ... fucking hell. This is a curse, right? You all aren't fucking insane like this. I know you aren't.

[ Private to Fred Weasley & Dulcie ]

You alright? This place is a fucking nighmare.

... More than usual.

[ Since knowing that you are alright will only make her stress even more: ]

Where are you?
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[ Having survived her first curse, Alisha feels ... kind of pissed off. Why was she hit and others weren't? She's skimmed the guide she was given and hasn't found much on the subject to quench her curiousity. ]

Alright, so with these curses, is there any particular reason why some people are hit and some are not even touched at all?

I get the bugs. I fucking hate bugs. But mirrors? Kind of up my alley, if I'm honest. [ Her mirror used to live on her person back home. To apply mascara, make-up, check if some creeper was walking behind her. She's not disappointed she's missing out on this one. She's merely curious. ]

Anyone ever been hit by curses continously?

[ She pauses. ] Yeah, the bugs were all in my head. Thanks for, you know, being there, I guess. And I'm sorry if I was a total arse to you. [ Alisha shivers. ] Ugh. I can still feel them on me.
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[ Hear Alisha scream - high pitched and loud. There are bugs everywhere. ]

Holy fuck - what the -

[ Hear something break. Alisha kills the bug with her shoe. She's not too pleased about that. ]

I need to get out of this shithole! Who thought it was a good bloody idea to shove bugs into this place?

[ Honestly, this place is worse than the community centre. And they have dead bodies in lockers and freezers there!

And then, of course. Why didn't she figure this out before? It's always Nathan's fault, right? If he wasn't such an idiot, half the shit that happens to her wouldn't happen at all.

Nathan! You goddamn prick! Just because you like muppets watching you -

[ The feed cuts off to another high pitched scream. ]
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[ When the device turns on, it sounds like Alisha is fiddling with it, trying to turn it on. It takes her a few extra moments to realise that she has, indeed, found success. A deep inhale—one of exhaustion and annoyance—can be heard before she speaks ] What the fuck is going on? If we've somehow pissed off another goddamn freak I'm going to kill you, Curtis. Who the fuck goes after some weirdo who [ air quotes ] "apparently" [ end air quotes ] controls dairy or whatever the fuck and - [ Alisha inhales, suddenly realising that she's talking at a strange device she's never seen before. It's not Simon's phone, or Nathan's, Curtis' or Kelly's. ] Hello? Where the fuck are you? Curtis? Simon? Kelly? [ A long pause ] Nathan? [ Alisha goes for her phone, trying to turn it on. She frowns ] Why won't my phone work?

[ A pause, and this time Alisha's voice is angrier ] What the hell did you do to my phone, Nathan? [ She glares. As if that will give her an answer from the twat. ]

Fucking answer me, you twat!

[ A longer pause as she waits for an answer that doesn't come. Alisha starts to look anxious. ] Look, if this is about the boy in the locker - or the probation worker - we didn't do anything, alright? I don't know shit. Whoever the fuck is doing this, please stop. Whatever the fuck you want, take it, alright? Just tell me where my friends are.
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